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    8 week old female companion. Please help me to learn more.
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    She's gorgeous - I'm no help obviously! I do think her top line is nice - which is the most glaring fault (aside from small size) of my rescue Dane, Zoomer. I would ask your breeder why she specifically designated her as a companion though, as she or he would know best!
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)


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      Is there a reason you want critiques on a companion puppy's conformation? I definitely agree that it would be most beneficial to ask your breeder why she has been deemed a companion.

      Objectively and to try to answer (keeping in mind that I don't show, and I'm learning myself), her tail set looks quite high and while she's not stacked super well, some proportion in her hind end looks off.

      It's really hard to analyze conformation off of one photo in dim indoor lighting where a person wearing dark clothing is making it difficult to see the front 1/3 of the puppy. I'd ask for outdoor photos with the person stacking wearing a lighter color so the puppy doesn't blend in, if you're really concerned about something in particular.


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        All puppies in this litter are companion puppies due to a sibling having a congenital defect that they could possibly carry. I'm just trying to learn more from other's opinions. . I'll try to get a better picture.
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          Learning about conformation is a lot of fun! Using your own pet as an example is a great way to educate yourself. Adding knowledge of our beloved breed never hurt anyone.

          A good place to start is the illustrated standard on GDCA. Here is the link:

          Also, check your closest dane club and find out when they are holding any shows. I love to browse the danes at a show. It's probably been one of the most informative adventures as to what I want in my next dane and what I don't want. Make friends! Ask questions of those that are relaxing ring side. A lot of show folks spend a lot of time waiting around and most are happy to answer questions about their dane for you. Just make sure you ask before approaching or petting. Avoid those waiting to enter the ring.

          Picking apart your own dog is a great way to learn too. I have a good friend who shows danes, and I've asked her all kinds of questions and use my own dog as a reference point. The knowledge she has passed on to me has been invaluable. We've discussed and analyzed every square inch of him over the years. We've compared him to other dogs that differ. I know all of his great qualities, but I also know his faults..... and WHY they are good or bad. My dog and her dogs have been a great learning tool for me. It's not just reading the standard, it's being able to understand and apply the standard.

          Your puppy is 8 weeks old and it takes a bit more experienced eye at that age to see all her positive attributes, as well as her faults. It becomes much easier as they grow older. Puppies also change a lot as they grow and that needs to be taken into consideration. For example, a wonky top line can be indicative of being in a growth spurt. Pups often go butt high as they sprout up and then it levels out. Other faults aren't grown out of though. For example, danes eyes don't magically tighten up as they age. If anything, they often get worse. Also, danes can be very late bloomers and what might not look like a show pick at 6 months, might be beautiful at 2 years old. My point is, it's a great place to start but 8 weeks is quite young to really pick apart. Even very knowledgeable breeders struggle at 8 weeks to decide on their show pick(s). Some wait considerably longer to decide. Even then, a show pick can easily not turn out quite what was desired. Specifics are a bit vague at 8 weeks old and it's just a tough age to critique.

          Super cute pup though!
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            As others have said it's tricky to critique puppies and I'm no expert eye, though I'm trying to learn. The main thing I see is it looks like she might be knuckling a bit from what what I can see the left front. Hard to tell though without clearer pics.

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