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Play Date in Wichita???

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  • Play Date in Wichita???

    Anybody want to meet up for a Dane play date? Bruce loves playing, he is a bit of a daddy's boy and I want to socialize him as much as possible to help him get to be more outgoing. He is 6months old and very "hyper"...

    If anyone is game for a play date in the Wichita or surrounding area let me know!!


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    Hi! myself and my family are near where you are and one of the resources we use to find meetup groups and such is They usually hold their meetup groups on the weekends at either Chapin or Murfin dog park, myself I always go to Murfin as we have had some issues down at chapin with glass on the ground and I dont want my gracie to get hurt. And since it is about a 30 min drive to either park we go to the new one. It seems like I am always seeing people there and they have 2 seperate large dog areas so you can kind of pick and choose which group of dogs would be better for yours. We always bring our puggle (she is a larger puggle about 35lbs) with us because our Dane Gracie has never been out alone and doesnt know how to play, so the puggle is there as her um body guard? lol. THere is generally a varied bunch of dogs and people so it would be a great place to get Bruce some new experiences, and while I have seen one fight at the park,(this is in multiple trips, we go every weekend I have off work) the people that go there are very quick about removing said dog. Might be something your interested in
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      I will have to check them out and see if/when the next meet up is!!