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    Ever since I was a kid our original vet closed up shop, we have taken our pets to the West Milton Clinic. The founding vet retired many years ago and sold his practice to Dr. Paige Theuring. I continued to take my pets there, but had never really developed a relationship with her because I abhor change. My husband did most of the doctor visits after the founding Dr. left. LOL

    Long story short, I had to take Derby (our terrier) in a few weeks ago after he was attacked by a Rottie. I met with the new partner and she was nice enough. Today, I took both boys in for the annual checks ups and shots. It was Cuddy's first visit as we've only had him a short while. We met with Dr. Paige and she really impressed me. She was so great with both dogs. When she asked about our neutering plans for Cuddy she was quite happy to hear that we were planning on trying to wait till he was closer to two. She said, "There is something you might want to consider when you have him neutered..." and I said, "Gastropexy!". Turns out she has a real affinity for giant breeds and has done quite a few pexy surgeries.

    Has anyone else used her for gastropexy? I'd love to hear some first hand stories.
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