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  • Vet recommendation?

    Hi everyone, I plan on asking my local Dane club for vet recommendations but wanted to see if anyone had one on here. I'm located in Las Vegas. Though I don't have my pup yet, I'm trying to get all my bases covered.

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    Desert inn animal hospital great vets and the local Dane club breeders use these vets. Diesel sees them and I'll drive all the way from Oregon for his shots since their so experienced. I'm a seasonal resident in Las Vegas!


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      We are in Elko so I don't have any Vegas recommendations. We have a terrific Vet here who I am very thankful for. Doctor Moriarty at Aspen Vet diagnosed our Annie when her front legs went bad, after we had taken her to two other Vets who didn't even have an interest or suggestion. All she did was look at her, told us what it was, and referred us to Dr. Acker in Idaho. Fixed Annie right up after several surgeries. She saved Frankie when he bloated. As I said, she's been a Godsend.
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