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    I have been looking up training classes online, and have found 2 that might work with my schedule Gentle Dog Training and Perfect puppy. Any opion on either of these.
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    I just signed up for obedience classes at "All Paws"

    Don't know where exactly you are located or if you still need advice. I have been to one class and it seems as if the trainer is very knowledgeable. They have small classes. I think the maximum number of people they allow are 8, and they have classes for every difficulty level, from basic to show to agility training. They are reasonably priced at $120 for an 8 week class.

    Sorry if I am too late to the party, just saw your post and wanted to offer my .02!


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      Triune Training Academy in Desoto, KS

      Triune Training comes with my highest recommendation. We have sent three Great Danes there. It's a two, three, or four week curriculum. Yes, you do have to leave your baby there...that's the hard part. Triune really teaches dogs what good owners should be like. When you pick up your Dane, there is a checkout so they can teach you what they taught your buddy.

      We also kennel our dogs here every month for a few days so they can get some big dog time. Triune has also been bloat trained so they know what they are looking for and what to do.
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