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  • Availability and food selection

    Hello All,

    It has been a long time since I've been here. Our last dog died several years ago and we have waited until we found ourselves in a post-military forever home before we added any new animals. We are ready and beginning to read on the changes on food recommendations etc. One thing I haven't come across is anyone discussing availability. We lived in a rural area with our last Dane. Quality food access was consistently an issue in a rural area 12 years ago. While I know shipping has changed a lot since then. I also know that over the last year that the middle of the country is the last to receive shipments. Our grocery stores remained bare for weeks and weeks and shortages ran so long I learned to cook vegan. Other areas were just taking extra off trucks before they continued inland despite companies expecting them to distribute some inland. Corporate offices did nothing since their balance sheets showed that inventory was sold. They didn't care if it made it to the middle of the county. It didn't occur to me until I began looking at dog food that the issue could have been bigger had we already added dogs to our family. I'm curious to know if anyone had any experience with access to particular brands when shipments stopped. Having a back stock is going to need to be considered.

    We are still in the early prep stages and no puppies have been looked for or anything yet. We are just starting to get ready so when the search starts we are ready.