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I am finally able to get CSFTS in Alberta

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  • I am finally able to get CSFTS in Alberta


    As the title says, I am restocked with CSFTS. She was on this about a year ago but then the Canadian distributor stopped.

    Daphne developed diarrhea so I took her to the vet and was given dewormer and antibiotics as she got Giardia from (sneakily) drinking some bad water in the bushes at the dog park.
    He advised only chicken and rice so I immediately took her off her kibble (Fromm). I slowly tried to change her back onto her kibble and each time I did, her bm's became supper soft, sometimes with a bit of diarrhea, sometimes just diarrhea.

    A bit about the kibble. I normally buy it from the same pet store but the last bag we purchased my husband grabbed from another store near his work. We have only ever purchased 2 bags from this other store. With the other bag from this other store, Daphne had the same diarrhea problem - quite a coincidence.

    I am not sure if it is the food or if she has now become sensitive to the Fromm kibble.

    Anyway, I am wondering how slowly I should do the introduction of CSFTS. I started on 1/4 cup along with her rice and chicken at last night's dinner and again this morning. Should I increase it by 1/4 of a cup everyday or is that too fast?



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    any changes should take place over 7-10 days, just to be on the safe side. i'd go with with the quarter cup addition for a couple of days and then increase by adding a little more of the new and taking away the same amount of the old. good luck!