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    we have a new puppy, but not new to danes. Our previous Dane passed away a couple of years ago and we just got a new puppy. This group was so important to me with our previous Dane so Iím looking forward to reconnecting. So, it has been years since puppy days were a part of our life. The Breeder told us she feeds River Run by Nutrena. The puppy is not interested at all in the food. Out of concern she was given some canned food and she devoured it!! So, need some feed back on this situation. Weíve tried adding broth to soften & just plain kibble. Is this a food we should look at switching from and if so, any thoughts on Chicken Soup (it used to be a good food but itís been a while ...). If we switch her, would we need to do a gradual switch since she really isnít eating much to begin with? Additionally, could it be stress? She came to us and really bonded with our daughter and then our daughter had to go back to college bc winter break was over. She constantly goes in her room looking for her . Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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    It is not unusual for a puppy to be off feed when entering into a new situation. A lot new is going on.. they leave mom and littermates, they leave the only home they have known, the leave the security of the only people they have known, they come into a whole new situation new routine, etc.. that is a high stress ...Ideally you would feed the food the breeder was feeding for at least the first 3-4 weeks and then do a gradual switch over 10 -14 days. The chicken Soup food is a good one and their puppy formula is in the safe calcium/phosphorous levels for a growing puppy.
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      If your puppy was eating the Nutrena with the breeder thereís no reason she should not like it in your home except for the change in environment. On the other hand itís at best a mediocre food. The Chicken Soup food would be a major improvement. You might want to make a switch in the manner Kahlua described.