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The Winners Circle

CH My-Jon's Guilty As Charged

Pictured here 6 months, 2 days old at his first show winning Best In 
Sweepstakes under Trudy Muller. Charger went on that day to win WD 
for a four point major under breeder/judge Dale Tarbox, and the next 
day WD and BOS over specials for another 4 point major under Tony 
DiNardo. The next weekend he won another 2 points under breeder/judge 
Lester Mapes, and finished 1 day shy of his seven month birthday 
winning a 5 point major under breeder/judge MJ Cohen. We believe 
this makes him the youngest male Dane to complete his AKC championship.

Kim Larrabee
KDR Great Danes
(309) 266-9559
ICQ #124260063

New Champion Pirate wins the Breed *AND* the WORKING GROUP 
his first time out as a Special!!! Next day he again was Best of Breed 
and got a Group III. All breeder-owner-handled BTW! More info on 
wins-n-such at: http://www.flash.net/~dby/news.htm
jp & the chroma-crew


going WINNERS BITCH under Judge Mr. Emmett Wiseman 
@ Owensboro's River City Kennel Club, 3/15/01. 
Handled by Michael Chiles.


Going WINNERS BITCH ( from 6-9 puppy class) under Judge 
Mr. Clay Coady @ Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Association, 
3/23/01. Handled by Dick Schaefer.

This "Winner's Circle is reserved for those that have competed successfully and won in the show ring!
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