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This my girl, Brundlefly, at about 10 weeks.
Thanks to Adam.


This is our Blue Merle Great Dane, Diego. He's 5
years old and is a rescue. We love him very much.
Thanks to Scott and Susan.


Diego, on my fire department's heavy rescue.
Thanks again to Scott and Susan.


Here is Jewel getting herself into a bit of a mess.
Thanks to Barbara.


Bentley at seven months,
Thanks to Hunter.


Our new addition, Hurley, at 8 weeks
Thanks to Jason.


"Hurley" and our 5 year old Dane, "Nala."
Thanks again to Jason.


Six week old brindle baby, Bruno.
Thanks to Jennifer.


Brutus, from Houston's Great Danes, at 16 weeks.
Thanks to John.


This is Molly, my 12 month old female merle Dane. She has such
personality. Like most Dane owners say, once I saw her she
had my heart. She is such a lover!!! I just love her to pieces.
Thanks to Karri.


Thanks again to Karri


This is Domino, our 10 week old puppy.
Thanks to Carol.


Here is Morgan on her 8th birthday. She can also be seen in Week 135
of the archives. No matter how old she gets she'll always be our baby.
Thanks to Laura & Dave.


These are our babies snoozing on mom's bed.
Cali, on the left, and Marshall, on the right.
Proud parents are Lyn and Rick.


Here is a picture of our dog "Apollo" laying next to
our horse fence keeping an eye on the group.
Thanks to matt.


Our little princess, Paris, at seven weeks.
Thanks to Cheryl and Michael.


Here is our goofy girl ,Gracie, with her favorite squeaky ball.
Thanks to Mike & Laura.


This cutie pie is Zena, my one year old mantle bitch and the love of my life


Zena at play.


This is a picture of our Dane, Homer. As you can see he is very tolerant of us!
Thanks to Sarah.


Here is a picture of Hector and Boyd. Hector is my 3 yr.
old Dane and Boyd is my 9 month old Dane. Boyd is
blind, but is a fantastic little boy and Hector loves him.
Thanks to Vickie.



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