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 This is the count down to blast off 3- 2- 1......


Thanks to Andy.


This is my blue Great Dane pup, Sadie. 
Thanks to Ange.


This is Annabelle checking out the dancing Santa.
Thanks to Becky in Arizona.


The newest addition to our family...Lancelot.
Thanks to Brent.


Daisey on her 1st Birthday. 
Thanks to Chris in Minnesota.


"A new meaning to New England Dog Days of summer!!" 
We have been truly blessed with these two Danes. Merlin is the 
Merle and Nina is the Harl. We decided a few months ago to add 
one more to our home and we adopted Nina from CT. She is as 
beautiful inside as she is outside. Merlin we adopted 6 yrs ago, 
he too is a blessing in our home. I advise anyone that can offer 
the older Dane a couch to sleep on that he will give you a heart you 
will never ever want to let go of! We are truly blessed with these two. 


Here is a picture of Goliath Ramses Morpheus McCain 
at 11 months old. We love him so much. We will always 
have a Great Dane in our house. Thanks to Jaquerian. 


Here is Bama Baron McCain at 11 months. He is Goliath's litter 
mate. After having Goliath for almost a year now, we knew he 
needed company. I love them both - even if they do eat 
me out of house and home! Thanks again to Jaquerian. 


"Tiny Tim"
Thanks to Janet.


New meaning to "follow the leader."


He's our two year old male Great Dane had him since he was 
a baby and now he's like our second son...he's a big old 
sweetie pie!!!! In the pic he was almost a year old! 
Thanks to Kathi.


This is Athena while taking down Christmas decorations.
Thanks to Mellory.


This is Allie. She is a merle piebald Great Dane and in this pic. 
She is 8 weeks old and such a sweet girl. Thanks to Miranda. 


This pic is of allies older sister Blizzard. She is 8 months old 
and the cute little boy is my youngest son Logan 22 months.  
Thanks again to Miranda.


There's just no room left on the couch. Oh wait...Draco found a spot right 
beside Mavricks head. This is Mavrick (harlequin) and Draco (black).
Thanks to Jeannie in GA.


My 1 yr old Dane, NOAH, making himself comfortable



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Photo of "Mugger" courtesy of Beth at MacDanes.