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 Kili at 1.5 years. Houston TX.
Thanks to Adam.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


'Tis the season for Christmas kisses!!!
Thanks to Dana.


Picture of my new Great Dane puppy! I think that she is the most beautiful dog 
I've ever seen. She makes me laugh a lot and brightens up my day. I have 
hopeful plans to get her GCG, to do obedience, agility trials with her, 
and for her to become a certified therapy dog. Her favorite things to 
do are to play and eat and sit on my lap while I'm typing. 
Thanks to Judy.


Here are 2 Canadian "Danedeers" awaiting flight instructions from Santa. 
Frodo and Cynthia are co-owned by Irene Honeywell in Ottawa Ontario, 
Canada. Merry Christmas to all the danes out there, and we will be 
sure to see to it that Santa is good all of you! Thanks to Irene.


This is my baby Casey posing for her picture with Santa and I. 
Then she pulled Santa off the bench and onto the floor.
Thanks to Janice.


Abbey 4, Lexi 2. Lexi is not understanding the whole 
Santa/Reindeer scenario. Abbey totally understands it.
Thanks to Joy.


Baby loving the snow.
Thanks to Julie in Colorado.


This is our 1 year old Sydnie Marie getting into the Christmas spirit.
Thanks to Kelley.


Here is Luna (Dane) and Blazer (Lab). Luna is just about 8 months old 
and they both love us so much that they posed just long enough 
for us to snap this Christmas Picture.
Thanks to Lisa.


Our Harley’s 2006 Christmas picture. It takes us a lot 
of treats to get him to stay still for the photos. 
Happy Holidays from the Lynch’s.


Our Christmas gift to Mom and Dad and the newest 
member of our family, Aeronca Chief. 
Thanks to Tiffany. 


George was happy to see Santa and ask for a huge bone 
for Christmas. I don't know if Santa believed him when he 
said he was good all year. Thanks to Sue & Steve.


The hardest thing about being in Afghanistan is not being with my four 
Danes. Here's Henry, the loudest deaf dog on the planet, and his 
sister Sophia (below). I'm embarrassed by how much I miss my dogs.
Thanks to Damian.


Thanks again to Damian.


SAVED ! This is the picture of my 1 year-old Zeena while she was in the pound. 
One more day and she was scheduled to be put down. Now she's safe with us. 
In only 3 weeks ... I have lost the couch, floor space, food items missing 
from countertops, my Rottwieler is jealous, gained great amounts of 
fertilizer, larger food bills and another bed-warmer ..... I love her to death.


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