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Trent, 5 month old Great Dane, riding in the boat having a grand ole time.
Thanks to Ashley.


Sadie,11 month old Great Dane, likes to ride in the boat too!
Thanks again to Ashley.


These are our two Danes. Galahad (4 months) and Lancelot (3 months).
Thanks to Brent.


1 1/2 year old Jake and his Girlfriend 7 month old Valentina, 
getting ready to go to bed. Thanks to Cristina.


Our Sweet and Rambunctious Baby Emma, 10 weeks old!
Thanks to Jesse, Dalena & Sierra.


This is Olivia and my best friend Jax!
Thanks to Ingrid.


Introducing Murphy...He is a great addition to the family. 
We love him bunches. Thanks to Jen H.


Thanks to Jen.


This is a picture of our three stooges...Sonny, Marnie and 
Chevy wearing smiles on their faces!!!! Thanks to Joan.


This is a picture of Marnie sleeping on Sonny.
Thanks again to Joan.


Here's a pic of Bella, who is dying for the treat in my hand.
Thanks to Kristin.


Here is a picture of our 12 month old Dane, Lucy, and her 4 year old 
buddy. She is part of our family and we love her very much. The Kadels.


Tonka is a 1 year old harlequin female that has captured our heart.
Thanks to Melissa.


This is a pic of Gracie (10 weeks) and Floyd (16 months) taken the day 
after we got her on August 29th. They are already becoming great friends.
Thanks to Mike and Laura in Ontario.


This is a picture of our other Great Dane at nine months 
(akc regd). His name is Sir Marley Of Zion. 
Thanks to Nick.


I hope that you will enjoy the picture of our baby, 
Willow. Pictured here at 12 weeks on my lap 
Thanks to Nicole & Mike.


This is Chloe, my now 4 year old Dane. This is one of 
her favorite spots, my leather chair. . . .Thanks to Paul.



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Photo of "Mugger" courtesy of Beth at MacDanes.