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This is a picture of Bella, a merle girl, at the age of 3 months.
She's 10 months now, and the sweetest Great Dane I've ever met....
She's one of my 'granddaughters', lives with mum Christina 
and dad Allan, as well as older sister dober Iza.
Thanks to Antoinette in Norway.


Here's a photo of Maggie at 13 weeks. She will have 
to grow into those ears!! Thanks to Cathy.


Here is my soon-to-be Dane, Lab cross Berlin. She is 3 weeks 
old in this picture and will be coming to me on March 6th from 
Lethbridge, Alberta. So excited! Thanks to Christy.

Here are our two wonderful girls, Bandit (harl/mantle) 2 yrs and Scooter (merle) 1.5 yrs enjoying a beautiful snowy day in Colorado Springs. They are great fun to watch romp in the snow. 
Thanks to Dale and Beckie. 


Thanks to Gordon.


"The ride of her life!" This is a picture of our year-old Dane Boda pulling 
our 3 year old daughter Kya on her sled. They are the best of 
friends and we are constantly amazed at how gentle he is with her. 
Thanks to Jessie.


James laughing at me!
Thanks to Kathi.


This is Radar (Great Dane) and Casey (Min Pin) sleeping after a long day. 
They are best of friends although the little one rules the house.
Thanks to Kim.


Here is a pictures of our Swedish giant Oz!
Thanks to Linda.

Tache Schmidt relaxing after a long day at doggy daycare 
with all her friends from K-9 Playhouse, 3 years of age.
Thanks to Pauline.


These are our boys Shannon and Connor (Father and Son). Shannon 
(20 months) is making himself at home on his (our) bed while Connor 
(7 months) is wishing he wasn't too lazy to get up on the bed without 
our assistance (see below). G'day from Perth Western Australia. Many 
thanks to Rorlyn Great Danes for two very special boys.
Thanks to Rod.


Thanks to Rod.


This is my 6 week old great Dane, Zeus.
Thanks to Stephen.


"Ty" Irvine.
Thanks to Sara."


"Zack" Irvine.
Thanks again to Sara.


This is our big ol' boy, Wyatt. This was taken a few months ago, I just 
couldn't resist taking a picture of those ears! He is now a lively 8 mo 
old and weighs well over 100 lbs. Our first Dane, and I'm certain 
it won't be our last! He's a wonderful dog!!
Thanks to Brett and Afton, KY


While cleaning out my dog file cabinet I came across these 
photos of two Danes we'd sold back in the mid 80's to a couple 
who'd taught them to pull a sled in harness. The dogs 
really enjoyed doing it. Thanks to Vicky at SunGlo.



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