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This is Hamilton. He is about five months old in this picture. He is my first 
Dane and I just love him so much. Thanks to Allison in Arkansas. 

Hi! This is Raissa, our 3 years old girl, we live in
Buenos Aires, Argentina. Thanks to Lorena and 
Daniel who told us about Danesonline.
Marce & Danny.


This is our new boy Boomer at 10 weeks old. Our 2nd Dane. After 
the passing of his Great Aunt Cookie, the pain of our loss kept us 
from being Dane parents, until we saw those eyes and felt his love. 
He stole our hearts. So, once again we are Dane parents and loving 
every joyful and goofy minute of it. Thanks to the Claridge Family.


The first pictures shows Amerika, 5 years, gracefully tolerating Lyberty, 
10 weeks. The second (see below) shows Lyberty snoozing 
away in her favorite position!! Thanks to David.

"Lyberty snoozing"
Thanks again to David. 


This is our 13 month old baby "diesel". he loves to sit like a 
person on the couch with us! Thanks to David and Emily.

Tyson, my blue merle goofball, doing what he does best. Enjoying a 
nap on the couch with his buddies Pheonix and Pharoah.
Thanks to Darin. 

Here is my pup Griffin at 10 1/2 months watching the 
neighbors ride snowmobiles. Thanks to Edie in NY.

This is Gabriel. He is 3.5 months in this picture and is 
the most stubborn creature I have ever known. lol
Thanks to Matt in Ontario, Canada.


This is our 11 week old Lola. She is the light of our lives. She is fawn 
with white markings and loves to play outside. She is beautiful...
thanks to Tess and Judge, proud parents and to the breeders, 
Katy and Luke. Thanks to Holly for the picture.

This is a picture of Stella and Lacie on their first sailing trip. (That's Capt. 
Ron in the back.) They were great. When it was time to tack, 
they got up and moved to the other side of the boat. 


This is Sally, a four-year old female. This is one of 
Sally's few serious moments.... relaxing in the sun.
Thanks to Mac & Karla.


Here's a pic of our 3.5 yr. old boy Beauregard demanding a belly rub 
from his Grandpa. "Quit talking, Grandpa, and get down here!"
Thanks to Greg & Anna.


Our Great Dane, Belle, loves piggyback rides from my husband, Michael. I 
took this picture of them one spring afternoon while we were working in 
the yard. Belle was 9 months old then. She is now 2 1/2 years old, 
bigger, and still getting her daily piggyback rides!
Thanks to Valerie.



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