"Picture of the week #321"

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This is Rymmie, 16 month old Dane, at the dog 
park with his friend, Tahj (Chinese Shar-Pei).
Thanks to Angela.

This is my 5 month old, Zoe...she's the love of my life!! 
She's looking forward to her very first Christmas. =)


This is Dottie, the love of my life.
Thanks to Holly.


This is LadySmith "Cayenne" Von Pepper.. X Kalibur 
44 Magnum 44 Little sister.She is a blue Harly...
Thanks to Rose.

This is Diesel at 10 weeks, already in the Halloween spirit!!!
Thanks to Kim & Jay.


This is my beautiful harly girl named Bella. She is 
saying 'hello' to our poddy calf! Thanks to Jennifer.

Here is a picture of our two Danes, Orion (blue male) and Valkyrie (fawn
female) enjoying the beautiful fall day while we did some raking. (and
being perfect poster dogs for Home Depot!)
Thanks to Stephanie.

Here's a picture my sister took of my big baby boy, Rico, givin' 
Momma some kisses. Thanks to Kathy at Anaya Great Danes.

Here is a picture of Duke our 11 month old Dane all the way up here in Grande 
Cache, Alberta Canada. We just moved from an acreage to a condo so I 
don't know who had the harder time adjusting, Duke or us! 
Thanks to Laurie.


This is a picture taken of My Miss Evita, thanksgiving weekend 
in the Canadian Rockies beautiful!!! Thanks to Lisa Dias for 
taking a great shot. Thanks to Mandy Wiebe,
Tydaneium Great Danes


Here is photo of Whitney. He's 9 months now and still growing. 
He's with his little sister Sammy: a Westhighland terrier.
Thank to Nick in CA.


Cleo and Sam in the garden.


My favorite bridesmaid! Bella the Beautiful!
Thanks to Stacy in MN.



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