"Picture of the week #165"

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Conductor "Flash"
Thanks to Bonnie and Jim!

"Flash" again probably asking, why me??? 
Thanks to Bonnie and Jim!


Lucy and Elvis are Prom Queen and Prom King. We got Elvis from Von Bruno 
Danes in Oklahoma and he is 10 months old. Thanks to Jerry!

Here's Goliath as a hippie for halloween!
Remember those type of pants???? :)

Our boy Roku (he'll be 6 next month) dressed as the handsome gentleman he is.
Rachel (& John) Cawley/ 6stardanes@6stardanes.com
Sixstar Danes 

Star (witch) & Roku (fool) with their 20 month old daughter, Lass (the
unicorn) Lass' costume is very appropriate as her registered name is Sixstar's The
Lass Unicorn. :D Lass is a Service Dog in training is loved & cared for by Amanda B.
For more about Lass go to www.6stardanes.com/Lass.html

Zorro, the clown. Zorro is owned/loved by Allana B. of G.I. Danes and Bronx, the 
bum steer (sadly this boy is no longer with us). Thanks to Rachel of Sixstar

 Unfortunately when it comes to playing dress-up, Atticus is 
less than compliant, so this is the closest we came to it. 
He's not too keen on being a koala. What do you think?
Thanks to Rebecca 

"Golem" 5 months old the new sheriff-dorrox.

Just a little Dane obsessed! I'm not a Dane owner yet, but definitely a wannabe. 
Still searching for the perfect pet. Thanks to Sue Lyons 

Here is "Elway" with his Halloween collar on. He is 5 months old 
in this picture. He lives in Nebraska with Tim & Wendy. 

Here is Lass, dressed as a unicorn foal. I chose a costume to 
go along with her registered name: Sixstar's The Lass Unicorn. She 
was all ready for trick-or-treating! Thanks to Amanda Bradley. 


"Not a Halloween picture, nor a Dane...but a promise to a real cutey down south!
 Besides, anybody that sports a cap with a Harl on it deserves a place here :)
"Y'all say Hi to Sarah" 



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