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"Princess Beauchalais"
Thanks to Alexander.

This is my 3 year old with her 4 year old puppy.
They love having sleepovers all the time.
Thanks to Anthony.


Thanks to Arno and Henriette.

Thanks again to Arno and Henriette.

Thanks to Bobby.

Cooper is a 110 pound, 6 month old puppy.
Thanks again to Bobby.

This is Hagrid. You featured him in week 204 when he was
7 months. He celebrated his 11th birthday January 18, 2014.
Thanks to Carolyn.

As you can see, Hagrid still likes to nap.
Thanks again to Carolyn.

Freddy at one year.


Louie, Freddy's brother at one year.


Skittles is our baby boy,he was born deaf,although sign language
only works when it suits him...he loves to be around people all
the time. He is so affectionate, but naughty at the same time you can see in this photo, he loves a big cuddle.
Thanks to Di.


Kylie waking up.
Thanks to Jenny.


Chandler and his little sister pickle. Note: she's the boss!
Thanks to Jim.


Thanks to Joni.


Thanks to Renae.


Beau's Major win!
Thanks to Walt Zelwak.


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