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Feb. 10th, 1991 - Aug. 17th, 2000

Thank you Jetson for 9 and a half wonderful years. You were a wonderful friend. I wish we could have told you goodbye. You left us while you slept and I know you went peacefully. You had no health problems and never did. I guess your heart was just ready to stop, as your mom and your grandmother's hearts did.

You were a lucky dog, Jetson and I was equally lucky to have had you. Thank you for being your brother's "ears", since Herhshel was deaf. You seemed to know that he needed your guidance at times. I know he missed you after you went away. His daddy, Stetson, took care of him. We all missed you, Jetson.

I remember how you would get so excited when we were about to go for walks in the woods, you would pounce like a puppy and couldn't wait to go !

Thank you again, Jetson and have fun at the rainbow bridge, with Stetson and Hershel and one day we will be all reunited again. I miss you boys so much. You all put the "great" in Dane!

I love you, Jetson !!!!! Mommy Lynne


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