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My Dear and Most Sweet Girl Dallas, at Age 14 finally Passed last Month. She will be sadly and sorely missed.

Dallas Came to me by chance, She helped me through the Death of my husband. My own physical pain from injury I sustained in the Car accident that took his life, When I thought I could bare NO more she was there to kiss my face and lay there As I cried petting her. She Helped me to heal and go on. The good times were the Best. When I met my current husband he was a CIVIL WAR redactor. I started going out reenacting with him and soon Dallas was going along. EVERYONE loved her. I didn't have to leash her she stayed near me at all times, and was nervous If I went to far with out her watchful eye. My most cherished memories are of her and I together at reenactments. She truly was a grand little Southern Lady. 

I always knew exactly what she was thinking by looking into her eyes. The Day the Vet diagnosed cancer of the chest, and a knee joint that was not going to heal. MY heart Broke, I made the most painful decision of my lifetime. I didn't want my dear girl to suffer any longer. Her eyes told me It was time she needed and wanted to "GO HOME". I whispered in her ear " Be there waiting for Me when I get there my Doodle Girl." And She Closed her Eyes. 

Through the Bad times and the good you were my Best Friend,
The Seasons Of life come and Go,
You were mine for a Season, until We meet again my Dear Girl, 
My Dallas Doodle Bug
I was blessed to have you. 
OCTOBER 24, 2003



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