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April 26, 1996 - May 12, 2003

Six months has past since Emma lost her battle to bone cancer. Emma's memory is living on every day and will never be forgotten. She left her mark on this earth during her short time, and everyone who met her knows there will never be another, as special as Emma. We loved her so much and would have done anything to take the cancer away. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we could have done to save her. We know we are unlucky to have experienced this tragedy, and can only hope that we never go through such a devastating time again. Emma is at peace now, she left us on her own terms and did not make us choose her destiny, it was time to go and she knew it. There is only one dog who could have given us such great memories like Emma did - she was a once in a lifetime companion. She will be missed and remembered for eternity. 

Thank you Emma, for all the good times that we shared and the memories that we have to hold onto. You are safe from the pain now… We will see you on the other side…

Sönja and Andrew



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