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Ra-Ca's Cloudy Sky's in August AKA "Blue Eyes" passed away Sept 3, 2001.

There's an empty place inside of me,
a black spot no one will ever see.
I lost my best friend the other day,
and no amount of words will ever say,
how much you were loved and how much your missed,
I could sit here and write a big, long list,
of the many ways you meant so much to me,
but even reading this, not many may see,
what I saw in the beginning in your big, blue eyes,
how you loved to talk with your wolf-like cries.
You protected my family on many a dark night,
even though the lightening always gave you a fright.
"Gimme your paw" was your favorite game,
none of the other girls want to play the same.
Comet is looking for you all the time,
she was always your steadfast partner in crime.
The children got to cry when we laid you to rest,
but my tears for you, sit like a lump in my chest.
you weren't suppose to leave me, so alone, so fast,
and now all I have is the memories of the past.
The shock has set in, "I've lost my best friend",
there will never be another like "Blue Eyes" again.

Catherine and family.


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