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Baron "Corkey" Munchausen
(January 4, 1990 – March 28, 2002)

It all started on March 17, 1990.

We picked out a male brindle Great Dane pup from a litter of 12 male pups total. We named him Baron “Corkey” Munchausen.

Corkey was born on January 4, 1990. We named him after County Cork in Ireland. We thought it was fitting since we picked him up on St. Patrick’s Day and that he was becoming a part of an Irish family.

Corkey grew very quickly, like all Great Danes. By his first birthday he was 125 pounds and stood 35” tall at his shoulders. He had a very pronounced personality that increased with age.

Corkey gave us increasingly more joy with each year that pasted. We thought of him as a child and not as a pet. He even had a bomber jacket, snow boots, a sun visor and a raincoat .

When we found out that Corkey had cancer in January 2002, we were determined to make sure that he was never in pain and once his quality of life was not longer good, he would never suffer – and he never did.

We had an enjoyable 12 years and 3 months with Corkey. 

We truly are grateful for all the caring and compassionate people that have assisted us with Corkey.

We love you and you will be greatly missed by the whole family.

Linda & John Shea

Baron "Corkey" Munchausen
Picture taken February 14, 2002


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