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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




This is Duke. He is a 11 week old Herl. Absolutely the best pup ever! We brought him to the vet when he started vomiting and unable to hold down anything. First they said to change his diet. Still same condition. so we brought him back and they did an x-ray and saw that Duke had a blockage...they did surgery and fixed him all up. He was supposed to come home on Saturday. Well Saturday morning the vet called and advised us the horrible news that Duke did not make it through the night. They did blood work on him and found that he had kidney problems, too. 

Here's to little buddy! We miss you so much and hope your are happy. Just know that we do think about you all the time. I still have your collar and will put it on my rearview mirror in the SUV. You're the best! 

We love you, DUKE!!!


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