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We had heard of stomach torsion with the Danes but, for some reason, never, ever thought it would happen to our boy. Just 2 days ago, our beloved Polo (whom we adopted from Danes in Distress at 6 month old), started to heave as if he had to vomit. After monitoring him outside for a few minutes, I knew something was wrong. He was running from one spot to another trying to vomit, yet nothing was coming up. He then laid down on his tummy and looked at me with helplessness and fear in his eyes. We rushed him to the emergency clinic where they took x-rays and confirmed our greatest fear. After giving him anesthetic and trying to pass a tube to relieve the bloat, the vet informed us we had to operate. However, his blood screen showed his platelets were dangerously low, possibly due to some underlying problem, possibly a spleen problem. She didn't think surgery would be successful but we couldn't let him go without taking the chance that surgery might help him, so we told her to try her best to save him with surgery. After an hour or so, she informed us that 2/3rds of his stomach was necrotic and that there was nothing that could be done for him anymore. We had to give her consent to let him go to a better place. 

It has torn us up for the past several days. We can only cry or sleep. Our other two babies at home (a Boston Terrier and a Border Collie mix) seem as confused as we are. We hadn't even heard of having stomach tacking done until the emergency vet spoke to us about it. Our regular vet had never mentioned this procedure to us. We can't help but think that maybe we were to blame. He had eaten about 1 hour before his final walk that evening. Not a run or gallop, but a leisurely walk. The emptiness in our hearts is immense, and right now everywhere we look around the house is a reminder of his loving, goofy, gentle nature. He lit up our lives for 2 years and was taken from us to quickly and to soon. We would give anything to have him back to say a proper good-bye. We can only imagine him having endless fields to run and play on now until we are there to play with him again.

We love you forever, Polo.

Aric and Robyn


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