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I adopted Daxter on 2-26-2003. On March 06 2003 Daxter left our family.

When I saw you in the cage you were so beautiful. I didn't see the sores on your paws or how poorly you had been feed. All I saw was a sad puppy that wanted to go home with us. When I brought you home you 
protected us, you waited for us to get home. You even ate my underware. I am so sorry I didn't get there in time. 

Daxter is a 4 year old Male Harlequin. I rescued him from the pound. When I brought him home my 2 year old black female was in love. They played day and night. He never left my side. One day I noticed he wasn't at the table when my son and I were eating lunch. I looked over he was shaking uncontrollably, drooling from the mouth. We rushed him to the vet. We did all we could. The only thing that came up was Lyme. 

I Adopted Daxter for him to have a loving last few years. It turned out only to be a few days but I can say he had more love in those few days then he had all of his life. He was so active I told my family I can't believe that he is 4. He was the best addition I ever could have added to my family. So this is for Daxter.

From the family you should have had all of your life.
We love and miss you very much. I am so proud of you.


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