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"Drake Kirin Bethel"

He lived only 18 weeks, suffering from a trachea deformity that was hard for doctors to diagnose. For 3 weeks, they thought he only had a severe cold, then they thought he had pneumonia. Two weeks later, he was barely breathing. At that point the only thing to do was let him be in peace. He was a tough kid, and fought through a lot more pain than he should have ever had to experience. He is DEEPLY missed. He left behind two black lab brothers that miss him greatly. And a human Mom and Dad that will never forget the short time we spent together. He was a beautiful spirit, and a great kid!!

We do now have a pup from the same mother, his name is Skie Strongheart, and he definitely has some of his brother's smile:)

Drake Kirin, we will never forget you, our sweet baby boy.
Ange Bethel 


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