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November 16, 1992 – November 14, 2002

Zeus. He gave us unconditional love and companionship for ten wonderful years. His departure has left us with a huge void that will never be filled. He was magnificent in build and in character, he loved life and lived it with a joy we can only hope to emulate. Well mannered and loving, as only a Great Dane can be. He was a true Gentle Giant, wonderful with kids and friendly to all who passed through our door.

Zeus was born in Parksley, Virginia, on the beautiful Eastern Shore, on November 16, 1992. Of the eleven puppies in the litter, Zeus chose me when he broke away from the playful antics of his brothers and sisters and came over to me. It was love at first sight. He rode on my lap the whole way home to Norfolk, VA, looking up at me with adoring eyes. His love for car rides even at this early age was evident.

On November 14, 2002 with no hopes of recovery and heavy hearts, we decided to lay our baby boy down to rest. In the back of his beloved truck which had provided so many fun rides, with our arms wrapped around him, he released his last breath and gently slipped away. We grieve for him and hold the hope of one day being reunited. But until then, our love and memories with him will attempt to fill the enormous hole in our hearts. So Zeus, go to that Rainbow Bridge and run and play with Dilly as you once did sometime ago, but wait for us because we will see you again one day and we’ll cross the bridge together. We love and miss you Zeus, and are grateful for our time with you.

Lara, Anel, and Snoopy


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