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Jan 20, 1991 - Oct 26, 2002

Titus born in Amagansett, Long Island, NY on January 20, 1991 past away October 26, 2002. Titus was 3 months shy of his 12th birthday. The day he past he was still running in the yard full of live. He had a touch of bloat which he had experienced other times, yet this one he was not able to fight off. I laid with him next to our bed where he past away after he was able to say good-bye to the whole family.

He was always our guardian, especially when the children were born and we miss the noise of him running around the house. It's too quiet around here now! The Puppa-Wuppa, the Big Oaf and Tidy-Bowl!! We'll miss ya boy!

Paul Nasiatka
Huntington, LI


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