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When I married my wife, Atheen, I got a Great Dane as a part of the  bargain. For ten months he was my best friend as I got to learn the new city I was living in. Courageous lived up to his name, and he never let on just how sick he was until near the end. For that time he was a gentle giant, always there, always watching and keeping the peace between other pets. By August he was so weak he rarely left his bed, except to 'take care of business' and even then he had to helped down the stairs. But he never gave up loving us. And we still love him. My wife took him to our vet where he was placed on an IV drip which made him more alert, curiously watching the other animals, seeming to feel better. We never saw him again - he died during the night and we got the call early the following morning. Courageous was only six years old. It's not fair that the greatest dogs in the world have the shortest life spans.

Nothing can replace Courageous, but shortly thereafter we brought home a bouncing baby blue we named 'Tempo', and he has helped so  much to ease the hurting and that empty place in our hearts.

Slainte mhath, old buddy! We miss you!

Mark and Atheen Hills
Minneapolis, MN


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