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Yacanto Dancing Leaves ("Shelby")

Sadly died on the 11th May 2002. She had been suffering with Cardiamyopathy for the last 6 months of her life, with treatment she had a good quality of life. She died in the early hours of the morning, peacefully in her sleep on her bed, in our bedroom. Shelby was a "Dane with a brain" so clever!!!! She is missed terribly by all of us, especially her house mate Laura. Below is a little verse that says it all...

My Little pet

God gives us lovely animals,
of our family they're a part
But when they go, they always
take a little of our heart

My little friend I miss you
And wish you were still here
I loved the way you snuggled up
Wanting to stay near

If only I could thank you
for the pleasure that you gave
I will never forget the love
You brought into each day

Forever remembered by Barbara, Jimmy and family.


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