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12/04/06 08/03/11

My sweet Pilot. Not even five years old. Six weeks from breaking off two rear toenails to being euthanized. Now I understand why he had that pendulum swing to his hind end, why he stopped climbing stairs because his back legs would give out on him and he'd slide back down, why he scraped his back feet when walking and rarely would run faster than a trot. My handsome, extremely tall, 187-pound gentle ambassador of the breed - with a paralyzed hind end. Surgery was not possible due to his arrhythmia.

His vet was very gentle and Pilot died at home, in my arms. He is buried beside his sister Elvira, who died two years ago from bloat at almost 10 years old. Pilot's other sister, Sassy, is 9, and his brother, Diesel, is 2-1/2.

Pie was truly special, a perfect example of what a Dane personality and demeanor should be. A classy gentleman. It is so painful to lose them. Sleep well my boy.

Ill never forget you. Mom





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