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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!



We suffered a horrible loss of Izzy on 11-11-11. Izzy was almost 7. She was a very funny girl!! We lost her brother "Mr. Duke a year and some earlier, and she helped us carry thru.

We then got two more wonderful Danes (Shrek and Zsa-Zsa) for her to be the pack leader of. Izzy was all about rules and no strange noises were tolerated by her, lol!! She kept the others in line, as well as me because I would make weird noises and she would bark until i stopped! She was very playful, even in the end when wobblers took over her body. She was very brave!! She loved going for walks and rides. She went crazy for dog bisciuts!!!! She got to where you could hear her say biscuit!! She was always glad to see us and her aunt Gwyn.

I don't know if dogs go to heaven or not, but Izzy and Mr. Duke are in my soul, so if i go to heaven, then so do they! We miss you both and hope you are together again, mom and daddy




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