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"Doonesbury (Dooney)"

Today would have been Doonesbury’s 3 month check up with his cardiologist. I was looking forward to his re-check and of course was so happy that he had made it this far. Unfortunately, he came down with bloat a few days before.

Doonesbury I am going to miss taking care of you. You were so good & brave especially these last few months when you were diagnosed with cardiomyapathy. I want to let you know that the decision to let you go was heartbreaking. There was no guarantee that you would survive the emergency bloat surgery and if you did survive it what about the critical recovery time. Could you survive that as well or were you going to just suffer through the whole ordeal. How much of your remaining time would have been cut in half by your existing heart condition and how much worse would your heart condition be. I had to make a quick decision so you would not suffer. I am still wondering what if you had made it through and how great it would be if you were here right now.

I miss giving you your routine heart medication. You were so good with letting me push all of those pills down your throat. You always would let me do whatever I needed to do like trimming your nails & cleaning your ears & teeth. You were also good about taking care of your toys. You liked to carry them around but never tore them up. I will miss your excited prance around the van when you knew you were going for a ride. I am sorry for the times that you did not get to go for a ride but thought you were. I will also miss the image of you sitting on your sofas and who could forget your deep bark. I never heard a dog with a such a menacing bark. I know you thought you had a job to do since the other Danes were not up for it.. I can still hear that bark perfectly right now. I hope I always can. I will also miss your pretty shaped eyes and your one ear that looked like a comb over and of course your other ear that sometimes stood straight up. I would not have you any other way. It is going to be hard moving forward without you. I was so worried about you these last few months and I know you noticed. I am so glad you got the extra attention. I am glad that you will never have to be scared or experience a thunder storm again. I never understood why such a tough guy like yourself could be so afraid. I am glad I got you the thunder shirt although you did not get to use it that much. I wish I knew about them sooner. Doonesbury you were so sweet and well behaved. You deserve the best. I hope you have found Captain, Jake & Luna at the bridge and that all of you are content together. For now, I will have to be satisfied with your memories and seeing you in my dreams.

Love you & miss you everyday forever & ever until we all meet again…
Tina (your owner & caretaker)
Grandma & Grandpa
The remaining Danes: River (your BFF), Mars & Nitron (your housemates), Crystal & Sky.




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