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We lost our beloved Bella today (June 28/11)...she was around 7 years old.

My parents rescued her when she was almost 2 years old, when her owner said she didn't have the room for her in his back yard. For the past five years Bella had over 20 acres of country side to run around and play. Bella was always the playful one out of the original three. She was full of spirit, funny, but most of she loved us all unconditionally and was well mannered. Bella leaves behind a sister Great Dane (Dutchess who is 10) and joins her brother Duke who passed away exactly 11 months ago.

Bella...tell Duke we love him and will see y'all again when we are all with the good Lord.

We love you and REST IN PEACE, Bella Pulliam,


Mom, Dad, Brandi, Micah, Haley, - Dutchess, Boo Ray, Shadow, Zorro, Amos.




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