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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




"Whatever she was called, Zelda Mae, Zelda or Maters, she was always 
there to make us laugh. She survived having most of her lower 
jaw removed on June 5, 2000, due to a very aggressive tumor, but 
that never stopped her from doing anything ~ even eating her very 
favorite food in the whole world - ORANGES! But sadly another very 
aggressive type of cancer was discovered in her nasal passage in 
March 2002 and despite all our efforts, she left us on Monday 
morning at 8:00, April 1, 2002. It's fitting that she chose 
April Fools day to leave 'cause she was such a silly girl. 
She died peacefully in her "daddy's" arms at only 6-1/2 years old. 
We miss her terribly, but take comfort in her wonderful memories 
and pictures. So, Maters girl, we toast your memory with a big, 
sweet, juicy orange! We know that's what you would love best!"


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