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September 27th. 2010

We made the decision this morning to let our 9+ year old, Clyde, go.

Clyde had a very unsettled life before coming to us. He started out in a home but kept getting beat up by a Rottweiler. From there he went to the Great Dane rescue in Las Vegas and was adopted out again. These people asked us if we could watch him for "three weeks" while they looked for another place to live and never came back for him. We think he was about 4 years old but we weren't sure.

He only weighed 123 pounds and was very destructive and nervous. It took us a year to get him up to a proper weight and to assure him he was loved and protected and not going anywhere. He became less destructive (except with his toys) and would stuff an entire stuffed animal in his mouth if you told him to stop ripping it apart. I guess he figured if we couldn't see it then he didn't have it.

Clyde starting having back leg issues and was diagnosed with wobblers disease. That progressively got worse and he starting walking like a drunken sailor. But he still loved to play and actually run around some. He eventually became incontinent to the point we got doggie diapers with extra pads for him. Made life a lot easier for him and us.

Our biggest fear was the back legs would go out but the mind would remain as sharp as a tack. That was not a decision we wanted to make. I don't know if this was a blessing or not, but it didn't go that way. Since labor day weekend he had two episodes of bloat, wouldn't eat (or threw up what he did eat), the peeing was so bad he was dehydrated and the back legs were getting to the point where he couldn't stand on his own. This was a no brainer for us. At least that's what our heads are telling us....our hearts are a different matter. We just lost Brinkley less than 3 months ago and Pretzel 2 years ago. A lot of heartache.

At least we know (and Clyde knows) that he had a wonderful life after he came to us. Filled with love, toys, food, water and family. We love you Clyde and will miss you deeply.

Teri and Wayne
Pugsly, Josie and Baxter




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