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Ch. SisCo's Series Premiere 
Oct.19, 1998 - Nov. 17, 2001


Our baby Mattera passed onto Heaven
on November 17, 2001 - his moment in time had come.
Glory be to God above who gave us 3 beautiful years . . .
and who shall help us through this.
We can hardly believe that he is gone . . .
Our home is empty without him, but God is with us.

A Tribute

We prayed in our hearts for a blessing. 
On October 19, 1998, he arrived. 
A small little package, fawn in color with a nose mask. 
Grew up to be a quiet boy, very calm and gentle. 
Had his moments, of course. 
But never was bad. 
Our prayer had been answered. 

Slept under the table until he was too big to fit. 
Practically potty trained himself, he knew where to go. 
The personality emerged. 
We knew what a special boy he was going to be. 
Our prayer had been answered. 

Digging in the kiddy pool. 
Carrying around the darn waterhose - and tearing up a few. 
Barking at all kinds of objects, especially that old snow shovel. 
(They had to be put in their place, of course.) 
Our prayer had been answered. 

We had a silly voice we spoke to him with. 
The more love we poured out, the more he gave. 
He gave sweet hugs and demanded attention. 
Our prayer had been answered. 

We took him everywhere. 
He had to be the front seat passenger on trips with momma Zee. 
He greeted her at the door every time she came home. 
And later on, he greeted her with her underwear. 
He loved those runs in the park. 
The cows and kitties had to be barked at. 
(They had to be put in their place, of course.) 
Our prayer had been answered. 

His show career was a long one. 
But through our patience and perserverance, he was granted that championship. 
We were so proud. 
Our prayer had been answered. 

He continued to bless us with silly things. 
That darn ball - the deflated one he would push on us, demanding that we play. 
The ball he would content himself with while in the backyard alone. 
Our prayer had been answered. 

He gave us a beautiful litter, born February 4, 2001. 
They are beautiful and act a lot like him. 
What blessings we had! 

Then, Thursday, Nov. 15, 2001, he got very sick. 
He couldn't breathe well and couldn't lay down. 
His mommies knew something was wrong and took him to the doctor. 
His heart couldn't take it anymore and it stopped on Saturday the 17th. 
He lasted as long as he could, he fought a good fight. 
He had given us his sweet, heavy hugs and made sure he slobbered on us. 
We felt robbed. 
We are sorrowful. 

But God said He needed him back, 
"You asked for a blessing, 
I picked my best one, 
but you can only have him for a few years, let's say 3 
I can't be without him for that long. 
The cows and kitties here in Heaven need to be put in their place. 
He is my best watch dog. 
I know you love him and will miss him. 
You asked for Me to heal him, I said no. 
He couldn't have had a better home, that is why I loaned him to you. 
But know this, he is with Me now. 
You be good and you will see him again one day. 
I love you." 

Zee Strate/Kim Felix
SisCo Great Danes


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