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"Jack Morton"

February 2003 - November 2009

It is hard to believe we have three Danes posted here, especially two side by side.... Jack, Pepper, and Spanky. We are all heartbroken by this additional loss. How your Daddy will be able to take off the trash without your help is something we can't imagine. He will miss his partner...and he was as proud of you as if you were his two-legged son. We will miss you forever and can't wait to see the three of you at the bridge. I have asked my folks to be on the lookout for you guys. They will look after you until we meet again.

Your Mommy and Daddy

Last Friday was a nightmare, I tried my best to rush you to the hospital as fast as I could. When we got there I thought Thank God we made it, but it wasn't enough! You were my brother, I still remember when you were a puppy how you couldn't stand to be by yourself, even when we were taking a shower it wasn't good enough to be in the bathroom with us but you had to be in the shower with us....needless to say you got four baths a day. From that day forward you were spoiled rotten but we wouldn't have had you any other way. Jack I love you & will greatly miss you, take care of my little girl Pepper. I see you both again someday!!! Your little sissie KC misses you and wishes she could have been here, too.

Your sister (Brandi)



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