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November 23, 1999 to July 22, 2009

My beautiful, sweet girl Elvira had to be put down due to bloat. She was almost 10 years old. Her hind end had been going for a long time – her spindly “spaghetti legs” weren’t working too well anymore. I had to use a log carrier under her belly more and more often to help her get up the handicap ramp. But she was fine on level ground. She enjoyed her food and never messed in the house. I thought she was showing beginning signs of bloat a few weeks ago – late at night. She and I had a long talk and decided not to have the surgery done due to her age and frail condition, but she pulled through, thanks to the Gas Ex I believe. Went to the vet the next day and had all kinds of blood work done. The vet said the results showed she was in remarkably good health for her age and didn’t have any problems other than old age. But she was down to only 114 pounds.

When I came home from work yesterday, she wasn’t with her brother and sister begging to go to the dog park. I found her standing outside and immediately knew what needed to be done. She wasn't in pain, so we laid on the thick green grass outside the vet’s office and talked about how special she was. The vet was very gentle and Elvira died in my arms. She is buried at home with a beautiful rhododendron to mark her grave. Her brother, Pilot, laid right on top of her grave today. He’s young but understands what happened. Elvira’s sister, Sassy, is almost 7. It is so painful to lose them. They are all so special. She was extra special to me and I’ll miss her dearly. Rest in peace my pretty girl. I'll never forget you.




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