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I lost my Captain over a week ago. He passed away at home with me by his side. He was ten years old & had some heart problems. He had lived a healthy life thus far for a Dane in his senior years.

I adopted Captain when he was 3 and since then he was always a good dog. He was especially well behaved on a leash & was a pleasure to take for a walk. Unfortunately, I could not take any credit for training him. His mellow temperament was appreciated by anyone who knew him or those who just simply stopped to pet him. Everyone always commented on his friendly & dignified behavior. I always thought it was strange that he did not like toys. Maybe he thought toys were too frivolous for such a regal Dane like himself.

Captain did have some hobbies like laying in the sun, sleeping in my office, eating, biting his toenails & going for rides in the van. He also liked to paw at the kitchen cabinets when he knew a pizza just came out of the oven! Of course, he always got a little something. Captain got along well with my other Danes. He always accepted new dogs & they respected him in return. He did not want any trouble. I often referred to Captain as “My Rock” or “My old man”.

Captain you are greatly missed. I wish you could of stayed around longer. I am so glad that we got to go out for ice cream last Monday. You were feeling really good that day and that is how I would like to remember you best.

Love forever,

Tina, JD, Grandma & Grandpa, & the remaining Danes; Mars, River, Doonesbury, Crystal, Sky & Nitron.



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