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My Dearest Romeo,

Five years just wasn't long enough for us. You were the most loving, playful, happy and attention getting dog and there will never be another one like you! You are so desperately missed and have left a big whole in our hearts. You had our hearts the moments we set eyes on you. I never thought that I would feel this way about a pet but you weren't a pet you were my baby, my angel, my true love!!

You surely lived up to your name even though 5 years weren't enough for me I'm grateful I was able to have that time with you. You have taught me so much and could never be replaced. There were so many more things that I wanted to do with you like the beach vacation we were planning this year and my list could go on and on. But I realize now that you will still be with me in my heart and in spirit.

I hope you will have fun with all the other Danes until mommy comes to be with you at the Rainbow Bridge! Daddy misses you terribly, he misses you greeting him as he walks in the door or how you were always looking out at the window when it was time for him to pull into the driveway. We both hate how empty the house is without you. I think about you everyday and can't wait until the day we will be reunited! The house has changed so much in just the short time you have been gone as if there already weren't enough photos of you mommy put up several more. Mommy still can't make sense of what happened and is very hurt by you not being here anymore! I love you very much my Romeo.

Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge all my love, Mommy and Daddy!

RIP Romeo/Bubba Dog



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