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Atlas entered the world on 12-30-02 in Decatur, Alabama. My aunt was friends with his mama's mama and when Atlas turned 7 weeks old and Aunty took him to live with her in preparation for our arrival to pick him up. On, February 25, 2003, one day after my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, we pulled up into the driveway and there was our new baby gripping my aunt's shoulder with his big old paws. It was love at first sight!

He gave us much joy and much love over the years as he enjoyed socialization days at Doggie Daycare, vacations, chasing sand and waves at the beach every year, and cuddling with his kitties on the couch.

In March of 2005, he helped welcome an 11 month male Merle into our home. "Theodore" was quickly renamed Cole and the two became steadfast buddies and enjoyed many days at the dog park, beach, and lounging on their couches. Atlas even taught Cole how to drink water from the bathroom sink.

At 3 years old, Atlas was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. After diagnosis and getting his meds adjusted, he was quickly back to chasing sand, swimming at the beach or dog park, and enjoying walks with his brother. Throughout his 3rd year he began to put on weight inspite of food cutbacks and by the time he turned 4 he had blood in his urine. Finally at the beginning of his 4th year he was diagnosed with hypothyroid and started on L-Thyroxine and his weight was back to normal in a month. That same year he had an ultrasound of his bladder that revealed bladder stones and an echocardiogram showed Dilated Cardiomyopathy. No actions other than "monitoring".

In January of 2008, right after he turned 5 he had surgery to remove the bladder stones b/c one day on a walk he just couldn't urinate anymore. After his surgery, he made a full recovery and once again enjoyed time at the beach, dog park, walks in the neighborhood and naps on the couch. In September of 08, my husband and I bought a horse and Cole and Atlas soon began enjoying trotting along side the horses on trail rides and hanging out at the farm playing with the farm dog.

Sadly, Atlas' heart condition suddenly caught up with him on Feb. 26, 2009 when he went into atrial fibrillation. His new cardiologist began him on DiltiazemER on 2/28/09 after evalutation of his ER EKG over the phone. On March 2nd, he was seen in person by his new cardiologist and was also put on Pimobendan and Enalapril. Lasix was added, but only as needed.

Our hopes were raised as he took his meds with no problems and we waited for his heartrate to begin to drop and his rhythm to get more regular. His energy level never fell and the fire in his eyes remained. He even nudged his collar to tell me he still wanted to go with me to feed the horses. On Wednesday, March 4th, he enjoyed time in the pasture with just me and my horse. According to the animal communicator this is something he wanted more on one time with Mom.

On March 5th, 2009 Atlas entered into eternal rest at 10pm with his Aunty by his side. I rushed home from work as soon as she called me. It was sudden and it was quick and took everyone by surprise, but we are all grateful that he didn't suffer.

I am grateful that he was at home on his couch. I am grateful he never reached a time when he couldn't enjoy life and do what he desired to do. I am grateful that Aunty was with him in the end as she was there in the beginning. Atlas was a blessing to everyone he met.. He touched SO many lives in his 6 years. He truly lived up to his name as he held the world on his shoulders in more than one way. We love you Atlas and will miss you dearly. Your memory will forever be alive and you will ALWAYS hold a special place in our hearts. Daddy sends love, leans, kisses, and rubs on your nose from overseas and is sorry he couldn't be here to say good-bye. He'll miss laying on the couch with you and your head in his lap.

We love you Blue Eye. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for holding up our world as you are truly an amazing being and a beautiful blessing we were given. You truly prove God's love for us. We love you forever.



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