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We just lost our Pretzel Aug. 30. He wasn't quite 6 years old. He went through a great deal in his life. We got him when he was 3 months old from someone who had him on a bad diet. At 4 months he was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of HOD our vet had ever seen. We hauled him around in a little red wagon and held him up while he went to the bathroom. Two months, new vet and a lot of research later, we got him through it.

Two years ago he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. Surgery was scheduled and after the removal of the tumor he was given a clean bill of health.

This past year was spent trying to cure an ear infection that wouldn't let up. We now realize that his immune system was failing. This past July the cancer returned. Despite two surgery's and chemo that only had a 20% chance of working, we couldn't save him. You always feel your making the wrong decision to let them cross but when a 187 pound baby cries and screams when he tries to get up and has at least 35 lumps on the outside and who knows what on the inside, it's time to love them to the other side. Right now we feel we will never stop crying but it helps to put this in writing and share with other Dane parents who understand the feeling.

We love you Pretzel and your Dane siblings miss you.

Teri and Wayne aka Mom and Dad



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