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In the early hours of the 16th of February 2001, we sadly lost Phoebe "Yacanto Flaky Dove" with Bloat, she was almost 6yrs. From the moment I set eyes on this beautiful rich red fawn bitch, at the age of 8mths old, I could not stop thinking of her, she was so beautiful...


We showed her with some success, but sadly she 
was ring shy and just hated the show ring,

She was a lovely person and I can honestly say she never 
did anything wrong in the whole of her life. I miss her especially 
at meal times , when she would just stand in the kitchen in the 
hope that I might drop a morsel of food :-) She is pictured 
here with her house mates Laura and Shelby, doing her 
favourite thing...waiting for scraps from the table!

"But recently we parted ways,
Yet still I here you everywhere
Just out of site, beyond my gaze
I call your name, you are not there
At dusk your shadow seems to pass
Across the lawn, but never more
Will tracings on the frosted grass
Mark how your footprints sought my door
Where you kept watch beside my bed
Your faithful shade remains there yet
To crave my touch upon your head
And tear my heart with vain regret
Dear phantom friend, your shadowed face
Still faintly lingers, do not roam
To seek the happier hunting place
So far from home"

(Handbook of The Midland and West great Dane Club)

Forever remembered by Barbara, Jimmy and family.

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