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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




This is Cally. I had to help her over the Rainbow Bridge last night. She would have been 12 yrs. old in 2 more months. It has to be one of the hardest things I ever had to do. She was my first show dog, My best friend through the bad times, and always sold all my puppies for me. She loved people, and puppies.

Cally was truly my best friend. She had a big heart and a will to live. But bloat took her from me. I will miss her for a long time. I just hope she is running with all her friends in dog heaven. Thank you Cally for making my love for Danes so strong. Also thank you Lisa Wallace for this stunning girl we bought from you almost 12 yrs. ago. We love you Cally girl.



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