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"In Memory of Mongo"

Goodbye my Mongo

January 22, 2008 we adopted Mongo from the humane society. Sunday, March 2, 2008; he passed away. Mongo was a 4. We knew when we adopted him that he was heartworm positive. We brought him home anyway. You would have thought Mongo was a puppy.

We took Mongo in to get treated for heartworms on Tuesday, Feburary 26. He was very sore, but seemed to be doing well. Sunday we woke up and I took him out to go potty and his breathing became very labored. I rushed him to the emergency vet. She was pretty optimistic that putting him on antibiotics and a steroid would do the trick. So they admitted him, and I went to a friend's house around 1pm thinking he would be just fine and I'd go get him Monday...

My husband called me around 3 to say that the next 15min. would be critical so, she was going to give him another dose of steroids. He did not make it. Without an autopsy we can't be 100% certain of exactly what happened, but the vet says either a heartworm wrapped around an artery or one ripped an artery. Either way, he bled out. My poor guy. We loved him sooo much even though we only had him for 5 weeks. There will always be a special place in our hearts for our Mongo.

Stacey, Jason, Amaris, Phoenix, & Chewie Chicora


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