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"In Memory of Gracie"

November 2002 – February 4, 2008

Gracie was our first baby and was your typical Dane in every aspect of the name. We picked her out of a litter of 8, and we picked her up when she was 9 weeks old. She melted our hearts instantly. She came home to us in the winter, so there were many late nights with a puppy out in the snow…housebreaking her and getting used to those nights where she would cry for us while she was in her crate. We thought she was the cutest puppy in the world, and still do. She was the light of our lives, was with us when we got engaged, was there through all of our wedding plans, and lived to see our first baby born on the 4th of July. She started to slow down around the time Keaton was born. Her hips were bad so we couldn’t walk her as much or as long as we used too.

Right before Christmas she got diarrhea, which the vets treated, and it came back. We took her back, more medication, and took her back again when she finally quit eating. We initially thought that the Rimadyl she had been taking was affecting her liver, but later we found that is was her kidney’s that weren’t functioning properly. We had her hospitalized and at the doctors advice we did the treatment – hoping for the best. Hoping that we would bring our Gracie girl home with us…. Unfortunately Gracie’s kidneys were shutting down and the doctor treating her said that she had a 5% chance of regaining any function of her kidneys. We had to make the decision but know in hearts that we were going to have to let her go.

We spent one last hour with our Grace before they put her to sleep, which was so peaceful, and she was curled up on the couch at the hospital just as she would have been on her couch at home. My husband and I will never love a dog as much as we loved her. She was “our” first baby together and we loved her a great deal. We know in our hearts that we did everything possible to save her life, but in the end her kidney’s just couldn’t support her heart and spirit. We will not dwell on her death, but celebrate the WONDERFUL 5.5 years that we had her in our lives. We were so blessed to have loved her, and to have had her love us. There will be break in our hearts forever for this beautiful blue girl Gracie.



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