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(1996 - 2007)

My best friend, and forever friend passed away on Sept.26, 2007. I wish I could explain how much of an impact she made on my life. I got Zoey when she was 12 weeks old. She weighed 27lbs. Great Danes were my dream dogs, but I never thought that I would ever be able to afford to buy one. Fate step in and I went to see one, that I had no intension of buying. She was a brindle and I really didn't want a brindle because they were the smallest of the Dane family. I saw her, and there was such an immediate bond that I could hardly write the cheque fast enough.

I took Zoey home riding in my lap taking all the kisses I could get, and giving some back. She was amazing, as I watched her grow almost daily. We went everywhere together. She made me laugh, and she made me cry, sometimes at the same time. I couldn't seem to spend enough time with her. She was such a good dog, and had hardly any bad habits. She would not touch the garbage can, or food on the table. She would climb on the couch beside me and would keep backing up until she was touching me, but if I reached out to pat her she would get off the couch. She slept with me every night. She would comfort me when I was sad, and would sense when my back was hurting and she would go so much slower, so it wouldn't hurt so much to keep up. She would run free but wouldn't go far, or for long.

When my grandson was born with CP she was so gentle with him I was amazed. She would allow him to do anything to her, and seemed to understand that he wasn't trying to hurt her. When she turned 8 fate stepped in once more and I got another puppy, a boy this time. When he was really young she would allow a lot but as he got older when he got too rough she would let him know. When we would go to the park if I called Zeus and he didn't come she would go after him, and bark at him as if to say Mom called you. If there was a dog fight she would step into the middle of it and bark until they quit fighting. The first time or two it scared me, but I guess her age pulled a lot of weight, because it would always break-up. When Zeus was young at the park if Zoey thought a strange dog was coming at him too fast she would jump off her vantage point (top of a picnic table) and seemed to tell them to slow down. As soon as they did she would assume her spot on the picnic table.

On Sept.20 Zoey got sick and had the runs and was puking. I took her to the vets where we got her rehydrated. I brought her home and it seemed like she was on the way to recovery. On Sept.26th in the afternoon she woke up and wretched 2 times. She looked like there was something wrong, so I rushed her to the vets, knowing deep down what was happening, but refusing to face it. She had bloat. I swore to her when I got her that I would never make her suffer because I couldn't let go. I made one of the toughest decisions that I have ever had to make. As she lay on her pillow on the table with my arms around her kissing her face and telling her that I loved her and I would never forget her, she went to sleep. Zeus up to now was being harder to deal with than normal. No one could control him, and he was acting really strange. After Zoey went to sleep I took him in the room and he walked up to Zoey kissed her nose and walked out very calm. Zeus seemed to have as much problem adjusting to Zoey being gone as I did. It is almost 3 months now she has been gone, and thinking of her still brings many tears to my eyes.

Zoey I love you now and forever. You will always remain my best friend. All you asked for was to be loved, and hope I was able to show you all the love you deserved. May we meet again, baby girl.


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