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A loved one is never truly gone until they are forgotten, live in the hearts of those left behind is to live forever!




I previously lost my Great Dane puppy Titus (photo at 4 months). He was a beautiful, loving 10 month old Merlequin. Titus was recently diagnosed with megaesophogus. The vets did test after test to find out why when he eats his throat becomes enlarged and then shortly after he regurgitates his food. They said it was a condition he was born with and the treatment would be for us to continue feeding him small amounts of food, but to blend it and make it wet. With his disorder, his throat did not function as it should. Normally your throat pushes down the food to the stomach, his did not.

Titus was picked up from the vet on Thursday night and on Saturday morning he passed away in my arms. The doctors did not know why he died because with his disorder, it would not have happened like this. He was drinking water and started to yelp and from there it only got worse. His neck grew large and he could not breathe. I believe his throat closed up. Titus struggled for his last breath of air on the way to finding the closest vet that was open in town. He was only with my family for a short time, but he was loved so much.

He brought so much joy to us and our other dogs. Titus loved to lay on the couch with you and plop his beg drooling head on your lap any time of the day. We will never forget out gentle giant and how much joy he brought to our family in such a short time. I recommend anyone who has a love for dogs to consider rescuing a Great Dane.

“Titus you will be missed but never forgotten, I love you !”



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